Flavorful Homemade Pizzas, Sandwiches, & Tex-Mex Food

Sandwich - Tex-Mex Food

Fill your stomach with scrumptious homemade pizzas, hearty sandwiches, pasta dishes, and tasty Tex-Mex food in our comfortable dining room with televisions airing whatever you want. Kristy's Kafe in Anthony, Kansas, also features a fresh salad bar and delectable desserts.

Making Better Pizza

In addition to making pizza dough from scratch, we use a commercial oven instead of a rotary oven to produce the most delicious pizzas. This oven allows the pizza to bake correctly in seven minutes and bring out all the flavors.

Most Popular Menu Choices:

• Baked Potato Pizza • Super Club • Nachos Supreme

Contact us today for further details about our large variety of homemade pizzas and sandwiches.